Beauséjour, the life-size city

Beauséjour, the life-size city

CBo Territoria's flagship development Beauséjour is a crazy challenge!

Much more than a new city centre, Beauséjour is an invitation to a gentle way of life. It is a way of life, a large family, a mosaic of inhabitants, services and shops where nature and city life blend together.

With a €600 million investment package spread over 15 years, CBo has joined forces with the town of Sainte-Marie, where housing spans from the coast line to 1,000 metres above sea level, to build a new "efficient sustainable city in a tropical environment" that will eventually provide housing for 8,000 people and 2,400 housing units of all types, from single-family homes to five-storey buildings.
Located halfway up the hill (200m), Beauséjour is the "city of the quarter of an hour" as all facilities are within 15 minutes. It also meets the needs of the inhabitants of the "upper" part of Sainte-Marie (11,000 inhabitants) who will no longer have to travel to the saturated coastline.
Today Beauséjour, home to 5,000 inhabitants, provides all essential services, shops and offices just down the road: bakeries, restaurants, hairdressers, insurance, banks, as well as a supermarket, a 2,000 m² health centre, an administrative centre, schools and a sports complex with tennis courts, squash courts, a driving range built in a huge stormwater retention basin and a golf simulator. Beauséjour is a unique living environment built around green corridors, breathing spaces inviting residents to move around the district, on foot or by bike, and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the fitness trail at sunset or dawn. Authentic green corridors maintain the link between people and nature, with allotments, communal gardens and a botanical garden complete these green and natural spaces. These spaces cover over 14 hectares and are planted with indigenous and endemic flora that regulate the temperature of the ground and create a comfortable natural cool atmosphere.

Beauséjour, a successful challenge

Launched in 2009, the Group's flagship project is well on the way to success. The challenge of building on former sugar cane land, in the midst of isolated urban areas deprived of all services, public facilities and shops, has indeed been successfully achieved. The new sustainable town of Beauséjour will eventually provide a home to 8,000 inhabitants, with 2,400 homes over 68 hectares, and will provide facilities to meet the needs of the 11,000 inhabitants of the "upper part of the town", i.e. 20,000 inhabitants in total.

Beauséjour today is a 100% "sustainable, efficient and desirable tropical city"

Beauséjour, the first sustainable city of reference in a tropical environment, offers its residents calm, lush vegetation, warm public spaces, panoramic views of the ocean and mountains, numerous shops and services accessible on foot in less than a quarter of an hour, plus three bus lines connecting the central market square with other districts and the capital Saint-Denis via a "TCSP", a public transport on its own site guaranteeing priority over traffic and thus saving time. With its human-scale infrastructure, Beauséjour combines the atmosphere of a village with the advantages of a city, bringing the 11,000 inhabitants of the upper part of the city closer to all their everyday needs. It is a highly attractive place for the environmental and socio-economic transition frontrunners "made in Reunion".

Its assets in a nutshell:

  • Accessibility and eco-mobility: 100% of the homes built are within 500 metres of a public transport stop and the town centre (market square and local shops).
  • Environmental protection: 14 ha of green and natural spaces, 100% native endemic plants, two green corridors and 0% phytosanitary products or pesticides.
  • Climate-friendly construction: 100% of the buildings completed have no air-conditioning. Instead all units have cross-ventilation system and all buildings are fitted with solar water heaters and water-saving devices.
  • Local materials: Basalt slabs are used for the outside floors and pebbles for the public benches quarried in La Réunion.

Access to the books:

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