CSR, in
CBo Territoria's DNA

A strong territorial commitment


As a leading real estate company, developer and promoter in Reunion Island and the largest private landlord of farmland, CBo Territoria is a major figure in La Réunion's economy and it is fully committed to its territory, with a deep-rooted territorial commitment, which is also developing in Mayotte.


As a developer of housing, offices, shopping centres and other service sector assets, the Group recognises its obligations and responsibilities as a "land developer". This includes economic, environmental, social and societal considerations, while meeting the financial constraints of its clients and the increasingly changing needs of the market.


CSR: in our DNA by nature

CBo Territoria is giving new momentum to its CSR action in order to prepare for the major international and European challenges regarding the Climate, the Environment and a long-term outlook on the Economy. To achieve this, it has defined a virtuous dynamic for the territory and its stakeholders around the 4 themes as follows:

  • Responsible Citizen
  • Mobilised towards the environment
  • Efficient energy management
  • Committed employer

In 2022 the Group structured its action plan for the coming years, called « Impact Péi 2030 ».

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Environmentalism and respect for the environment

Environmental issues have always been at the heart of CBo Territoria's strategy. Together with its partners, the Group has implemented solutions to limit its carbon footprint, preserve biodiversity and recycle construction waste. Bioclimatic buildings, eco-responsible housing, green electricity, quality green spaces... The Group is multiplying innovative projects in line with its environmental commitment.

Agricultural support

60% of CBo Territoria's land holdings are classified as agricultural areas, including fallow land. The Group is a genuine partner of the farming community. It encourages the development of innovative and diversified farming, and supports new organic initiatives such as apiculture and the Moka beef farming, also setting up young farmers, land planning, food self-sufficiency on the island, developing circular economy and so on... CBo Territoria is committed to responding to these complex issues by supporting the transition of the farming world towards a fairer and more sustainable model.

Partner of the Social and Solidarity Economy

As a responsible and supportive player, CBo Territoria regularly works with local associations and operators to encourage socially relevant initiatives in its communities.


In addition, the Group is undertaking an ongoing initiative for families of former sugar factory workers to help them purchase the land on which their homes were built. Indeed, these families had built their "roofs" on land made available by the factory owner.

Cultural and artistic sponsoring

As a sponsor of the Réunion Talent Fund and the Réunion Métis Festival, CBo Territoria is multiplying its cultural initiatives:


Artists' residencies

CBo Territoria has invited the stage designer Tatiana Patchama to her studio in Beauséjour. Inspired by life and nature, she was able to create a rapport with the local actors.


Interview with Tatiana Patchama:

Team Building:

Interview with Ambre Maillot:

Ambre Maillot, a local artist designer, was also invited to stay in Beauséjour. Her project aims to materialise the oral nature of the Creole tales told by local residents.