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Signature of new contracts in real estate development (FR)
Financial calendar 2016 (FR)


Third quarter 2015 revenues: €38.1 million, +4%. (FR)
Delivery of the 1st PILA program in the heart of Beauséjour (FR)
Availability of the half-yearly financial report (FR)
Increase in the 2015 half-year results (FR)
The Caisse Générale de Sécurité Sociale de Mayotte acquires 6,400 m2 of office space (FR)
ENGEN REUNION SA sets up in Beauséjour (FR)
Opening of the first CBo Immobilier agency (FR)
First half 2015 revenues: €25.2 million, +14%. (FR)
Signature of new contracts (FR)
Amicable termination of the concession contract for the Beauséjour Zac (FR)
General Meeting of June 5, 2015 (FR)
Preparatory documents for the Combined General Meeting (FR)
First quarter 2015 revenues: €10.7 million (FR)
Eligibility criteria for PEA-PME (FR)
The Caisse Générale de la Sécurité Sociale and the Agence Régionale de Santé choose CBo Territoria in Mayotte (FR)
2014 annual results (FR)
Revenues in 2014: €60.7 million (FR)
Evolution of CBo Territoria's organization (FR)


2015 Financial Calendar (FR)
Inauguration of the Retail Park and the Quick (FR)
Visit of AFD's General Management to Beauséjour (FR)
Launch of the new website (FR)
Citizen Project Award (FR)

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AGM - Avis de convocation BALO du 19 mai 2023
Addendum à la brochure de convocation 7 juin 2023
AGM – Avis de réunion au BALO du 03 mai 2023

Financial documents

Annual Financial Report 2022 (FR)
Rapport financier annuel 2022
Résultats annuels 2022