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Finalization of the sale of SCI Triolet to the CFAO group (FR)
CBo Territoria renews its eligibility for PEA-PME (FR)
Annual General Meeting : Availability of preparatory documents (FR)
Availability of the annual financial report as of December 31, 2016 (FR)
Information concerning the dividend payment (FR)
Strong increase in 2016 annual results (FR)
Adoption of the "Overseas Real Equality Law" (FR)
2016 Revenues: €65.0 million (FR)
Appointment of the Deputy Managing Director and the Deputy Director of Development (FR)


2017 Financial Calendar (FR)
Launch of the coworking offer (FR)
Commercial assets: two new operations (FR)
CBo Territoria awarded by Gaïa-Index (FR)
Availability of the Half-Yearly Financial Report (FR)
Half-yearly results 2016 (FR)
First half 2016 revenue: €27.4 million (FR)
New E.Leclerc shopping center in Saint-Joseph (FR)
Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 (FR)
Preparatory documents for the General Meeting (FR)
Availability of the annual financial report (FR)
The Caisse d'Epargne Provence Alpes Corse strengthens its stake in CBo Territoria (FR)
Groundbreaking ceremony for the Leader Price supermarket in Beauséjour (FR)
2015 annual results (FR)
Launch of the Marie Caze project in Saint-Paul (FR)
2015 revenues: €68.5 million (FR)

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AGM - Avis de convocation BALO du 19 mai 2023
Addendum à la brochure de convocation 7 juin 2023
AGM – Avis de réunion au BALO du 03 mai 2023

Financial documents

Annual Financial Report 2022 (FR)
Rapport financier annuel 2022
Résultats annuels 2022