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3rd quarter 2014 revenues: €37.8 million (FR)
First half 2014 results (FR)
Launch of OPTIMA (FR)
First half 2014 revenues: €23.1 million (FR)
Opening of the E.Leclerc shopping center at Le Portail (FR)
Annual General Meeting 06/14
AFD (French Development Agency) loan 21 M€ (FR)
2014 Annual General Meeting - Preparatory documents (FR)
First quarter 2014 revenues (FR)
Annual financial report 2013 (FR)
CBoT shares eligible for PEA-PME (FR)
2013 annual results (FR)
Turnover in 2013: €80.8 million (FR)
Launch of a new business district in Mayotte (FR)


2014 Financial Calendar (FR)
Third quarter 2013 revenues (FR)
Reunion's first: real estate and fiber optics leaders join forces to wire up as many Reunionese internet users as possible (FR)
Half-yearly financial report 2013 (FR)
Half-yearly results 2013 (FR)
Soredip (CFAO Group) chooses CBo Territoria to consolidate its activities (FR)
Extension of the SHLMR framework agreement (FR)
Laying of the first stone of the ZAC Roche Café (FR)
Capitalization evolution (FR)
Evolution of the company's capital structure (FR)
First half 2013 revenues (FR)

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AGM - Avis de convocation BALO du 19 mai 2023
Addendum à la brochure de convocation 7 juin 2023
AGM – Avis de réunion au BALO du 03 mai 2023

Financial documents

Annual Financial Report 2022 (FR)
Rapport financier annuel 2022
Résultats annuels 2022