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OCEANE repayment: low demand (FR)
Commercial launch of the ACTIS business park (FR)
Commercial launch of the ACTIS Business Park (FR)
2019 Financial Calendar (FR)
Beauséjour nominated for "2018 Sustainable Program" by Immoweek (FR)
Acquisition of 50% of SCI Katsura, owner of a 6,200 sq.m. commercial asset, divided into 3 lots at the Port (FR)
Development of the ZAC Beauséjour in Sainte-Marie: Investigation by the Interregional Specialized Jurisdiction (FR)
Inauguration of the " Kinga " Business and Public Establishment Center in Mamoudzou (FR)
Notice to holders of OCEANE bonds (FR)
The Senioriales (FR)
Availability of the semi-annual financial report as of 06/30/2018 (FR)
Results for the first half of 2018 (FR)
Revenues for the first half of 2018 (FR)
Sustainable development: CBo Territoria confirms its commitment by renewing its agreement with Biotope, environmental coordinator (FR)
Press release: acquisition of two commercial assets (FR)
Press release: CBo Territoria buys back its shares up to 1.21% of its capital (FR)
General Meeting: press release (FR)
General Meeting: press release (FR)
CBo Territoria announces the launch of its 3rd Coworking space "LIZINE" (FR)
Shareholders' Meeting : Availability of preparatory documents (FR)
Progression of the 2017 Annual Results (FR)
Groundbreaking ceremony for the E.Leclerc shopping center in Saint-Joseph (FR)
2017 Sales figures (FR)
Successful completion of ORNANE bond issue (FR)

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Procès verbal de l'AGM du 2 mai 2024
Résultat des votes par résolution
Déclaration mensuelle Droits de Vote (DDV) avril 2024

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Rapport RSE 2023
Rapport financier annuel 2023
Rapport financier annuel 2023 format ESEF