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CBo Territoria announces the launch of Ti Polka 2 (FR)
18/08/2021 : H1 2021 revenue
18/08/2021 : Revenues for the first half of 2021 (FR)
CBo Territoria builds the new premises of the EPSMR in La Mare, Sainte Marie (FR)
Property Development: CBo Territoria is building the EPSMR’s new offices in the La Mare business district, Sainte-Marie
Signing of the "Ma Boutique à L'Essai" agreement by Initiative Réu-nion
Signature of the agreement "Ma boutique à l'essai" of Initiatives Réunion (FR)
How to access preparatory documents
Provision of preparatory documents (FR)
Marie Caze residential area in Saint-Paul, a commercial success in intermediate real estate development (FR)
Marie Caze residential district in Saint-Paul, a commercially successful intermediate-rent property development
Announcement of availability of the annual financial report as of December 31, 2020 (FR)
Strong increase in full-year results
Annual results 2020 (FR)
High level of revenues in 2020 (FR)
2020 revenue of €103.6 million
Strong resilience of commercial activity in 2020 (FR)
Commercial activity highly resilient in 2020


Sale of a 51-unit residence to Action Logement/SHLMR (FR)
36 million investment by La Foncière (FR)
Investment of €36 million by La Foncière (FR)
Sale of the Habitat property management business (FR)
04/12/2020 : 2021 financial calendar (FR)
Delivery of the largest Leroy Merlin store in La Réunion (FR)
Availability of the half-yearly financial report as of June 30, 2020 (FR)

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AGM - Avis de convocation BALO du 19 mai 2023
Addendum à la brochure de convocation 7 juin 2023
AGM – Avis de réunion au BALO du 03 mai 2023

Financial documents

Annual Financial Report 2022 (FR)
Rapport financier annuel 2022
Résultats annuels 2022