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Sale of a 51-unit residence to Action Logement/SHLMR (FR)
36 million investment by La Foncière (FR)
Investment of €36 million by La Foncière (FR)
Sale of the Habitat property management business (FR)
04/12/2020 : 2021 financial calendar (FR)
Delivery of the largest Leroy Merlin store in La Réunion (FR)
Availability of the half-yearly financial report as of June 30, 2020 (FR)
First half 2020 results (FR)
First half 2020 revenues (FR)
Payment of dividend in shares (FR)
General Meeting of June 3, 2020 held in closed session (FR)
Realisation of the order book and resumption of construction work (FR)
Availability of the annual financial report as of December 31, 2019 (FR)
CBo Territoria rallies to face the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in La Reunion (FR)
Strong increase in 2019 results (FR)
30.4% increase in 2019 revenues to €110.7 million (FR)
Press release - Continued strong sales momentum in 2019 (FR)
Repayment of the OCEANE bond issued in November 2012 (FR)


Notice to holders of OCEANE bonds (FR)
2020 Financial Calendar (FR)
Opening of the LIZINE HUB, a new innovation platform in La Réunion (FR)
Announcement of the availability of the Half-Yearly Financial Report as of June 30, 2019 (FR)
Press release - Strong increase in results for the first half of 2019 (FR)
Opening of the E.Leclerc " LES TERRASS " shopping center in Saint-Joseph (FR)
Signature of a protocol with SHLMR on behalf of the Action Logement group, for the bulk acquisition of existing and new intermediate housing in La Réunion from CBo Territoria (FR)

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Déclaration mensuel droits de vote (DDV) novembre 2023
Calendrier financier 2024
Déclaration mensuelle droits de vote (DDV) octobre 2023

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Half-Year Results 2023
Résultats semestriels 2023
Half-Year Financial Report 2023