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First half 2020 results (FR)
First half 2020 revenues (FR)
Payment of dividend in shares (FR)
General Meeting of June 3, 2020 held in closed session (FR)
Realisation of the order book and resumption of construction work (FR)
Availability of the annual financial report as of December 31, 2019 (FR)
CBo Territoria rallies to face the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in La Reunion (FR)
Strong increase in 2019 results (FR)
30.4% increase in 2019 revenues to €110.7 million (FR)
Press release - Continued strong sales momentum in 2019 (FR)
Repayment of the OCEANE bond issued in November 2012 (FR)


Notice to holders of OCEANE bonds (FR)
2020 Financial Calendar (FR)
Opening of the LIZINE HUB, a new innovation platform in La Réunion (FR)
Announcement of the availability of the Half-Yearly Financial Report as of June 30, 2019 (FR)
Opening of the E.Leclerc " LES TERRASS " shopping center in Saint-Joseph (FR)
Press release - Strong increase in results for the first half of 2019 (FR)
Signature of a protocol with SHLMR on behalf of the Action Logement group, for the bulk acquisition of existing and new intermediate housing in La Réunion from CBo Territoria (FR)
CBo Territoria commits itself alongside the Rectorat for the professional training of young Reunionese (FR)
Press release - Revenue up 21.3% in H1 2019 to €48.4m (FR)
Commercial launch of the luxury residence Les Damiers in Marie Caze, Saint-Paul (FR)
Bassin Bleu Golf Club: Launch of a development of ready-to-build plots (FR)
Sale of a 13,780 sq.m. building to the Leroy Merlin franchise in the Port Retail Park (FR)
Press release - General meeting of June 05, 2019 (FR)
General Meeting : Availability of preparatory documents (FR)

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AGM - Avis de convocation BALO du 19 mai 2023
Addendum à la brochure de convocation 7 juin 2023
AGM – Avis de réunion au BALO du 03 mai 2023

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Annual Financial Report 2022 (FR)
Rapport financier annuel 2022
Résultats annuels 2022